Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Starvation is Bad

Yesterday Glinda crapped out again - twice. First time I was going uphill on I-695 beltway and she started losing power. I nursed her to the next exit and, after sitting for a few minutes, turned around and headed home on surface streets. I got back on the highway and then tried to get it to die again by flooring it up the next incline. Sure enough, the engine started losing it again. I kept my foot all the way down to make it die completely and then pulled over, hopped out, popped the engine lid, loosened the air cleaner enough to verify there were no jets of fuel in the left carburetor’s venturi when I blipped the throttle. The gas tank was on 1/8th full, so I think the low fuel level combined with going uphill and high speed is the issue. I'm going to clean out the tank before I take her out on the road again.

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