Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pipe in Place

Last night I got to do some welding, which I really enjoy (even though I’m not that proficient at it). My task for the evening was to attach the correct flange to the new dual exhaust pipe and then to weld the two halves of the pipe weldment together. Thanks to a buddy at work, I knew how best to align the unwelded part to the rest of the assembly – screw both flanges to a single 2X4. Using another exhaust pipe for the spacing dimension, I did just that. Next I laid a series of beads around the two joints being careful to fill in all the holes. I then took the still-hot piece over to the car and gave it a test-fit. It was not quite aligned, so I pulled it off and gave the longer leg a bit of tweak with the help of a five foot long pipe. As I was lying under the car fitting the pipe into place, the rain started. Fortunately, I’d already put away the welding equipment which I’d using in the driveway, but the falling drops still signified the end of my work day.

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