Friday, January 29, 2016

All Quiet on the Snowy Front

I was able to get the replacement clutch cable installed last Friday before the snow came. The car, however, still safely sits in the garage. It probably won’t come out until Spring.

The cable install was pretty straightforward. I measured the distance from the end of the cable to the link for the clutch lever on the old and matched it to the new so there was no adjustment necessary. I checked all around the area where the previous cable broke to make sure nothing was rubbing and couldn’t find any issues. Just not sure what caused the failure.

I’d noticed that Glinda was a little louder than normal and confirmed a leak in the exhaust pipe where the right side meets the crossover. I’m toying with the idea of dual exhaust, but it’ll be simpler, faster, and cheaper to just weld the crack shut, so that’s what’ll probably end up happening.


  1. Just found your blog. I just bought a 61 4 door today. I was hoping for either a Lakewood or Coupe, but I got a great deal on this and I'm dying to dip my feet into the water. My grandfather had a mint Coupe that disappeared after he passed. I cant wait to get started.

  2. Congratulations Stephen. 4-door ealies are super cool with the rear of the roof overhanging and the different rear wheel well cutouts. Send me some photos at