Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Three Things

Occasionally – ok, frequently, I get RCS, or restless car syndrome. I can’t just be happy with what I’ve got – I need to drive something different.

A few weeks back I experienced the best cure for RCS when the lovely Loriann entrusted me with the keys to her Challenger while she was away. I had the EXTREME pleasure of making that awesome automobile my daily-driver. Each time I slid into the leather driver’s seat and my hand fell to the pistol-grip shifter, my day was made (or re-made as the case was).

While a week at the wheel of a Hemi Challenger with a six-speed is an absolute cure for RCS, it’s only temporary since the lovely Loriann has the keys back). It did, however, reinforce that “Life is too short to drive boring cars.” While I enjoy the truck’s cold A/C and Ringo’s attention-grabbing appearance, I love being behind the wheel of something sporty; something that requires my left leg to operate a third pedal; something with taut, race-ready suspension; in other words, Glinda.

But what to do when winter arrives and the salt hits the roads and attacks fifty-year-old steel? Last winter I parked Glinda under a tarp during salt-season and either drove Ringo or the truck, and I’ll do the same again this winter (although without the currently for sale Ringo). I’d really love to have a non-boring fun car that will withstand the attack of the salt, and since winter is, sadly, gonna’ get here before we know it, I feel I need to begin looking for a candidate.

First, though, I needed to discuss this with the family’s arbiter of sanity, the lovely Loriann. Her response? Do three things. First, finish fixing Victoria’s car (complete). Second, sell Ringo (in process). Third, get Luna out of the driveway (Victoria’s rowhouse residence has a waiting parking spot in the backyard). Okay, all done or doable.

Second, what do I want? It’s got to have a manual transmission, sporty suspension, decent power, no more than two doors, and be 20 years or older (MD historic tags). The car that’s at the top of my list is a second-generation (’91-’96) MX-6. Ever since that body style came out, I’ve loved the looks, and from the personal experience of putting well over one-hundred-thousand miles on one (until a stop-sign-running dumptruck totaled it), I can attest to their wonderful handling, comfortable interior, and reliable engine. I went through my collection of photos from years past and could only come up with two that would prove I used to own one.

Other cars on the list are the Eagle Talon, Plymouth Laser, BMW 3-series, and VW GTI.

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