Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Click to see the video of backing out the driveway.

Click to see the video of going down the road.

“Put your shoes on and let’s take your car for a drive.” That was my greeting to Mikhaila as I walked through the door yesterday late afternoon. Out to the garage we went, and once the door was opened, Scarlett started right up. I guided Mikhaila back through the door and down the driveway. I had her slam on the brakes a few times while backing up to adjust the self-adjusting brakes. Then, I had her pause near the street while I got out my phone to record the momentous event of her car seeing a public road under its power for the first time in many, many years. The next thing I know Scarlett has disappeared down the street leaving me standing at the curb. I told the lovely Loriann (also out witnessing this milestone) that Mikhaila did not have her phone, so I hope Scarlett didn’t break down. A few moments later, she reappeared on the horizon and drove up and back into the driveway. I slid onto the passenger seat and the only comment that came out of her smiling mouth was, “The gas pedal sticks.” I got back out and said, “Okay, it’s my turn.” We switched places and headed back out to tour more of our neighborhood. I told her we’d fix the sticky pedal, but that a quick blip before letting up on the gas resulted in the pedal going to idle position. I also did a few more brake adjustment stops while reversing which did seem to get rid of the pulling to the left while braking. After a few minutes of my driving, Mikhaila informed me it was her turn again. With her back behind the wheel we headed out of the neighborhood and onto the bordering boulevard. This gave the car the opportunity to get above 25 MPH and she performed fine. Still a little pulling under braking, but that should get better with more driving.

Back into the garage she went, where we recapped what we’d discovered still needed attention. Along with the aforementioned throttle, we need to lubricate the speedometer cable, get the right brake light to illuminate brighter (it’s noticeably dimmer than the left side), check the alignment (the steering wheel is upside down),and make the fuel gauge functional.

Later that evening, when I went out to close up the garage, I couldn’t resist grabbing the spray bottle of Armor-all and a rag and attacking the vinyl of Scarlett’s top. I found that what I’d assumed was dirt near the rear bow, was actually overspray from when the car was repainted. The rest of the top cleaned up nicely and is now shiny black.

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