Monday, January 17, 2011

110 HP Distributor Rebuild Update

I was out in the garage a couple evenings last week trying to complete the rebuild of Glinda’s distributor. I got the new oilite bushing pressed into the housing easily enough, but the next step stymied me. The cam (18), after being pressed over the end of the shaft, would not turn freely. After some online assistance and very close inspection, I discovered the end of the shaft (circled) had been dinged. I chucked the shaft into my drill press and filed a small chamfer onto the end. With shaft spinning, I also took some emory cloth and polished the cylindrical surfaces. Lo and behold, the cam plate would now turn freely after installation.

The next step of the assembly was to install the weights and springs. Sadly, I could find one of the springs – it’s amazing what goes missing when far more time elapses between disassembly and reassembly. I knew I needed a new rollpin (23) to hold the gear on, so I made a call to Clark’s Corvair Parts. My new parts should be delivered tomorrow. Once the distributor reassembly is complete, it will go back in Glinda and we’ll see if the bogging down issues at 65 mph go away.

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