Thursday, January 20, 2011

Distributor Rebuild Complete

Coming home to an empty house after work gave me the impetus to get my long-john covered butt out to the garage. The order of parts from Clark’s had shown up, so I completed the distributor rebuild by installing the new roll pin and spring; then attaching and adjusting a set of points; and topping it all off with a dust cover and rotor. It’s all ready to drop into Glinda’s engine this weekend.

Next I moved on to Ringo’s engine rebuild project. I went through the six piston assemblies removing and individually storing each bearing for inspection and, hopefully, reinstallation in the same rod. All the piston rings were then removed followed by a thorough wire brushing of the piston tops to remove the built-up carbon. Next will be cleaning out the ring grooves and a close inspection to assure there are no cracks in any of the pistons.

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