Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gas Mileage Update

Here's the latest report. Last night Victoria filled her tank and we calculated a mileage figure of 16 mpg. That's the best it's been since we got the car on the road. This is with Seth's wires (borrowed from an EM) installed to each plug, but not to the coil. The right set for this car showed up a couple days ago, so we'll put them on tonight.

The next thing I'll try is replacing the muffler since she told me the car ran better when the muffler had slipped off a few weeks ago. Then I'll try installing a Pertronix I unit I've got sitting on the shelf. Finally, I'm rebuilding a pair of 95 HP heads, I may install to replace the '68 smog ones that are currently on it.

On the Ringo front, no work’s been done since last weekend, but I’ve spent plenty of money on parts. Recently received is a new seat bottom cover for the driver’s seat. Ordered and scheduled to arrive by the weekend are a new lower piece for the right front fender and two rocker panels from Clark’s. Finally, I’ll be heading up to NJ Saturday to pick up a replacement passenger door and some more rocker panel pieces. I’m hoping to do some welding Sunday.

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