Monday, February 13, 2012

Some More Garage Time …

… but no time on cars.

In response to being burgled, I had to make my garage more secure. A stop at Home Depot netted me a replacement deadbolt for the man-door, a heavy-duty lockable slide bolt for the shed doors, a pair of carabiners, and a motion-sensing light fixture with two 150 watt halogen lights. Existing chains near each side of the main garage door were fastened with the carabiners to prevent opening, the slide bolt and new deadbolt were then installed. I still need to put in a couple more slide bolts to fix one of the shed doors on the inside so the main slide bolt on the outside is totally effective.

Fortunately, there’s a light fixture on the eave at the front corner of the garage. This is a perfect spot and it’s already wired to a switch inside the garage. Should make installing the motion sensing fixture a breeze.

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