Thursday, March 28, 2013

No Sale

While the guy interested in buying Lucy really liked the modifications I've done to her, he was looking for a nicer specimen. I sent his contact information to Gary, the local 'vair guru, who I knew has been trying to sell his '64 Spyder (with a non-original engine) since it looks nicer than Lucy. Karma can be a good thing.

With some time left before the lovely Loriann and Mikhaila returned from their Girl Scout meeting, I donned grungies and headed out to the garage. I'd previously lubricated Glinda's replacement speedometer cable, so now was a good time to install it. Three bolts held the broken one in. Before installing the replacement, I slid on the grommet that'll seal the firewall hole and pulled the grease cap off the right front wheel. The old cable had left its end stuck in the hex pocket of the cap, so I had to pull it out with a pair of pliers. With the new cable in place and its wheel end in place, I screwed the other end to the back of the speedometer, snapped the grommet into its hole, and pushed the carpet back into place. Job done.

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