Friday, March 15, 2013

Good News is Good - Really Good

Ariel misunderstood my text request yesterday, and once she was clear she confirmed the gas gauge needle did in fact go to the Full mark after she topped off the tank with 87 octane. Thank goodness that issue has been resolved. Definitely good news.

Some more good news is that it looks like Lucy’s fix will be fairly straightforward. As reported yesterday, the consensus of the wise on the web was a bad connection of the main 12 Volt circuit – probably the one in the engine compartment. Many recommended I just bypass the connector and solder the two ends together permanently. Once I got Lucy home last night, I took at look at the connector. Lo-and-behold a PO had already done this bypass, but I couldn’t tell how well. I noticed right away that the joint was warm to the touch, and as I wiggled the wires, I saw the GEN-FAN light dimming and then getting brighter. I’m going to remove the electrical tape and re-do this splice, so hopefully that will take care of this. While I’m at it, I’d really like to do the alternator swap. I have everything necessary. It’s just a matter of time.

Speaking of swaps, I recently placed an order with the Corvair Ranch for a GUP speedometer cable for Glinda. While I was on the phone with Jeff, I asked him if he could hunt down a EM 3-speed shifter base for me. According to one of my favorite sources, Bryan Blackwell’s site, “Early 3 speed shifters are faster ratio than 4 speeds, so a quick upgrade is to use a 3 speed unit.” If Jeff’s able to find one, he'll include it in the order, and I’ll give the mod a try. I'm real curious as to how much it will reduce the long throws required to row through Lucy’s gears.

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