Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Big Changes Afoot

I’ve had enough! The herd must be thinned! All non-essential Corvairs are to be sold! Headline it as you want, the bottom line is I’m selling at least two Corvairs.

I just got the word from Brianna that she doesn’t foresee a scenario where she and Nich will live close enough to us that they’d be comfortable using Heidi as a daily-driver. It was a hard and sad decision for her, but she texted me, “it’s time for me to sell her to someone who will appreciate her.” So, Heidi gets a good cleaning this evening and a For Sale sign put in her window and she’ll be my daily-driver until she’s sold.

Then, I just dropped Lucy’s asking price on Craigslist to $2950 in hopes of generating some interest.

Then, I got the green light from Victoria to sell Glinda.

Then, Ariel is about to set off on the adventure of buying her first car. Once it’s purchased, I’ll be asking her if it’s okay if I sell Ringo. I won’t be pressuring her, but my thought is she’ll never drive him once she’s enjoyed the comforts, both physical and mental, of driving a modern, reliable vehicle.

If they actually all sell, that would leave a dramatically smaller fleet of two - Luna and TwoTone. What am I going to drive if they all sell? I’ve got a really nice Silverado. What about track days? They’d be over for the foreseeable future. Would that make me sad? Sure, but I’ve got higher priorities in my life right now.

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