Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Clean Cars

Sunday, after church, I launched into cleaning Heidi. I think it’s the cleanest this car’s been since I repainted it. Once I was done washing both inside and out, I Armoralled the top and the vinyl and repaired the crack in the dash pad. I then drove her onto the front lawn and took some photos which I’ve posted on Flickr.

Next, I installed Glinda’s new speedometer cable and thoroughly washed her inside and out followed by a generous application of Armorall and a thorough cleaning of the windows. I ended the day by reinstalling the stainless trim around her windshield and backlight. Once we have good weather again, I’ll take photos.

Last night I noticed, as Ariel was pulling up in front of the house, that Ringo’s right rear brakelight was out. Fortunately, I discovered the not-quite-connected connector before I tore into the light housing. Love those easy fixes that, sadly, are few and far between. Next, I got out the adhesive caulk and tried to affix the bottom corners of Glinda’s backlight stainless trim. The clips aren’t close enough and those corners just flap in the breeze. After putting copious amounts of caulk in the joint, I strategically placed bricks on top of rags on top of the trim to hold it down while the caulk cures. I’ll check out whether I was successful or not tonight.

I’ve had a few responses to Heidi’s Craigslist ad, but they’ve been the typical kind (i.e. someone calls and sets up an appointment and then cancels 2 hours before, someone calls and sets up an appointment and then never shows, someone calls and you quickly find they don’t have a clue and this is not the car for them). Waste of time.

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