Friday, August 2, 2013

Glinda’s Body Tag and Build Sheet

I was surprised that I never got around to posting and decoding Glinda’s body tag info. I’ll rectify that right here and now. Starting in the upper left corner, the 02B signifies she was built in the month of February (2) and the second week of that month (B). The E to the right means her interior was painted Black. Her STyle is a 1968 Chevrolet (1) 500 (01) sport coupe (37). She was built in the Willow Run (WRN) assembly plant and was the four-thousand, two-hundred and fifty-seventh Corvair assembled there for the 1968 model year. Her TRim number of 703 indicates Black Pattern vinyl bench seats, front and rear. Finally, the K-K prior to the word PAINT corresponds to her Tripoli Turquoise exterior both body and roof.

So how does this stack up against the build sheet? Everything readable across the top line agrees with the tag. An exhaustive search of the internet has not turned up any decoding information for all the numbers that appear on the rest of this sheet. I posted it on the CorvairCenter forum, so we’ll see if anyone can reply with some good information.

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