Friday, November 22, 2013

What A Way to Start the Weekend

This morning, after dropping Mikhaila at her bus-stop, I made the hour drive up to 1079 Bon-Ox Rd – the Corvair Ranch. A couple months back, I called Jeff there and asked him if I could come and harvest shifter and clutch parts off a LM. He was kind enough to tip a convertible on its side for me, and this morning was my first chance to get up there. It was a good thing I chose today since it’s predicted that this is the last day with sixty degree temps until next Spring.

I arrived around 8:30 and got right to it. Off came the rear tunnel cover followed by the heater duct (the forward tunnel cover was already off). The mount nuts holding the rear crossmember in place were challenging to remove, but with the aid of my largest prybar, they succumbed. The rest of the removal went well, and Jeff supplemented the parts I pulled with the missing clutch rod and fork. I think there are a couple other shifter parts I’m missing, but now I’ve got an excuse to go back there.

I always enjoy my visits to the Ranch – the great conversation (keeping Jeff from his job) and the seeing so much Corvair. Jeff tried to sell me a ’64 Monza coupe (running 110HP with a 4-speed transmission) telling me it would be a good solid start to a project even though it needs all the brakes redone and new floors. I checked it out, and he’s right – it is nice and solid other than the floors. It will also need its front valance replaced and a patch welded into the dogleg portion of the left front fender and a new interior and a paint job, but hey, that’s what a project is. He’s willing to let it go for $800. I should’ve taken some photos of it, but since I’m not adding to the fleet, it didn’t happen.

Click here to see the set on Flickr of the photos I took this morning.

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