Thursday, January 16, 2014

Progress, But Certainly Not Enough

The recent cold snap has slowed our blood and brains to the point where just venturing into the garage to work on TwoTone has become a dreaded task. Nonetheless, I was able to burn enough kerosene and make enough threats to get Mikhaila out to work on her car last Sunday. We were able to coat the floor with POR-15 patching the handful of holes with fiberglass cloth. A few more coats over the patches and the floor will be water tight and rust resistant. Sadly, that is the only task we’ve accomplished on this neglected ‘vair for quite a while. At this rate, Mikhaila will be graduated from college (if that’s what she chooses to do) before TwoTone is roadified.

Ringo continues to remind me he’s part of the fleet with sporadic incidences of misbehavior. The most recent of which occurred last Thursday when he refused to start for Ariel. She driven him to work and then to the bank, but upon trying to leave there, turning the key returned nothing but silence. She had to walk back to work in the freezing rain. This experience enticed her to get more serious about obtaining a new daily driver. That evening, fortunately for both of us, Ringo started so I didn't have to leave work early to tow him home. The next day I stopped by their house intending to drive him over to my garage to do a starter swap, but he refused to cooperate. Turning the key got me nowhere, and connecting the solenoid wire directly to the positive terminal of the battery got me nothing but sparks. So, Saturday, I removed the Glinda's starter swapped it in place of Ringo’s suspect assembly. Ever since then his engine cranks with each turn of the key.

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