Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Weekend of Not Much

Here’s what last weekend’s checklist looked like come Monday morning:

Do some work (any work) on TwoTone – not checked
- Dry out Glinda’s carpets and find the leak – not checked
- Select and start tearing down the Powerglide – not checked (although, thanks to CorvairCenter forum, I now know which unit is definitely a late, and thus stronger, one)
- Disassemble race carbs to see if they were correctly modified – check (They were so now there’s something else wrong that needs fixing. Fortunately, the pro that modified has offered to set them up for me, so I’m confident they’ll be good-to-go once their back from him)
- Fix and reinstall Ringo’s flat tire – check (it was a rusty bead that needed smoothing)
- Install a good starter on Glinda – check (the starter off Ringo was electrically bad, so a GUP was pulled from the milk-crate and paired with a GUP solenoid and she got me to and from work yesterday)

So life goes on. Not sure how I’ll get to all my car projects, but I keep praying for a miracle.

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