Friday, February 7, 2014

Luna to Get Some Lovin’

Last night Victoria was over at the house and I asked her if she could carve a couple hours out of her very busy schedule each week to work on her convertible with me. She, and I think I detected some enthusiasm, said, “yes, how about Saturday or Sunday?” Excellent! Let’s call this step one towards cancelling my “Don’t do it” credo.

Now, what task will we tackle first? As you can see in the sidebar, eleven options are available to us, but some are not feasible right now (install top, sand and paint) and some are not critical to make the car roadworthy (clock, bearings). That still leaves some jobs we can knock off before spring arrives, but what should we start with – what would properly kick off a series of weekend sessions? Well, at this point, the disappearing gas is the most annoying trait of this ‘vair, so I’m leaning towards tackling that issue.

My plan (I feel I type that a lot) is to put the car on jackstands so we can get underneath and go searching for visual clues of leaking fuel paying special attention to the tank and the rubber hoses. Note: since this project and some of the other ones on Luna’s list require getting her up off the concrete, I’m putting jackstands on my Harbor Freight shopping list so we can just leave her without leaving me stand-less. If we can’t find the leak visually, we’ll try audibly. I’ll stuff a rag in the fuel filler, disconnect the line at the pump and gently pressurize the system with air while Victoria can listen for a hiss. My hope is we find a cracked hose. If it’s the tank, I’ll get to find out how long the seller’s offer of “going through his stash of part to provide anything I need to get the car on the road.”

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