Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Short Post

Last evening after faithfully getting me home from work, I rewarded Ringo with a carb tweak. Frustrated that the choke wouldn’t open all the way even after freeway jaunts, I finally broke down and did something about it. I pulled the to-be-mounted tire from his trunk, tossed it into the temporary garage, yanked the spare tire from the engine compartment and rolled it into the trunk. With it out of the way and the engine still up to temp, I removed the right side air cleaner assembly and disconnected the choke rod from the carb. About four twists out and the end of the rod lined up with the carb linkage with the choke wide open. I still need to replace the thermostat on the left side, but at least, once hot, both carbs are fully un-choked.

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