Friday, February 26, 2010

CPotD #53 (Ringo is Worthy)

Ariel drove Ringo home from college last night, and made it without incident. I am so very thankful to God when my Corvair-driving daughters make these trips and I don’t get a phone call midway. With his good behavior, Ringo has earned the honor of being today’s CPotD. This photo brings back nice memories of working with Ariel fixing the backlight (rear window) area. She’s all gloved up to put down the bead of sealant in the grooves of the seal. We had removed the backlight to repair the rusty track in the body and stop the leaks. We were partially successful. This was my first attempt at backlight installation using the rubber seal and it has been a failure. Even though we followed all the directions and recommendations, the darn thing still leaks. On the positive side, there’s no more rust in that area.

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