Friday, April 8, 2011


“Respondent is charged with violation(s) of the following law(s) or regulation(s)”

That was the beginning of the certified letter I received yesterday from the City of Baltimore. There were more words to it, like, “Amount of Fine: $60.00,” and, “Abatement Date: April 11, 2011.” While talking with the inspector this morning, I was told that I could just move the car into the garage. That may be a temporary solution, but as long as I’m working on Ringo, I’ll have to roll Betty in and out of the garage each time I want to work on him. The bottom line is I need to find a new home for Betty, and soon.

I’ve been in negotiation with a guy in PA to trade her for a running 110 HP engine that I could then install in the Ringo. This may all work out since he’s supposed to be going to get the engine this weekend. We’ll wait and see. In the meantime, I’ve posted on the CorvairCenter forum that she’s available for $500, and I’m motivated. Worst comes to worst, I tow Betty up to the Corvair Ranch. Who knows, I may go up and haul her back someday.

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