Monday, April 11, 2011

A Litany of Frustrations

Frustration number one was dealing with making room for Betty in the garage. I was able to squeeze her in by spending much of yesterday afternoon moving stuff around, putting Ringo up on the car dollies, and pushing him over against the shelves. As you can see in the above graphic, it’s a tight squeeze, and I’ll need to roll Betty out whenever I want to work on Ringo. Fortunately, it’s Corvair (not Cadillac) Fleet Management. Those few hours would have been much better spent welding patches. As it was, I only got about an hour to work on him. In that hour, however, I finished stripping the rusted passenger door of its hinges and weatherstripping (which is still soft enough to re-use), and completed the welds on the rocker panel patch. Still left are a tiny wedge of metal at the rear of the aforementioned patch, and the complex patch along the front edge of the rear wheel opening.

Frustration number two came from the situation with trading Betty for a good, running 110 HP engine. I’m waiting for a guy to close a deal on a car with this engine that he’ll in turn trade to me. He’s being jerked around by the sellers, so was unable to close his deal again this weekend. I’d really like to move on with this engine thing, so I can reinstall Ringo’s drivetrain and free up some more space in the garage.

Frustration number three has to do with a backup to the previous engine deal. If there’s an issue with the 110 HP engine, I’m not going to go through with the deal, so I need to line up what I’ll do in case that happens. The other day, I decided to use SearchTempest to see what’s out there that I could spend my birthday cash on. In my search I came upon an ad for Corvair parts - $500. I opened up the link and found that a guy is selling a ’68 Monza convertible project with a recently rebuilt 140 HP engine. I called him and, after discussing things, left him my mobile number so his wife could send me photos taken with her iPhone. It’s been five days and a couple phone conversations later, and still no photos. The last few times I’ve called the number there’s been no response. Very frustrating.

The final frustration has to do with posting photos on Twitpic. As another outlet for my limitless creativity (haha – I make myself laugh) is writing Haikus as caption for car photos I’ve taken over the years. I’ve been posting these on Facebook and Twitpic. The latter using their e-mail option. Lately, that method has been highly unreliable. I’ve been dealing with their tech support and they fix the problem only to have it break a few days later.

Oh well, four-for-four sounds good.

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