Monday, April 18, 2011

Finally Moving on to the Floor

Saturday was Ringo time in the garage. I welded in the last two exterior patches and moved on to the interior. I cut out the inside piece to close off the rocker panel on the passenger’s side. After drilling 5/16ths holes for the plug welds, I went at that patch with the MIG welder, and a dozen plug welds later, it was solidly in place. With the cutoff wheel in my grinder, I removed the rest of the rusty floor pieces from the passenger’s side floor. Then, with the new rear floorpan sitting in place, I was able to see what other pieces I needed to install to fill in the gaps. The inboard edge will rest on top of the tunnel which is still solid metal, while the rear edge welds into solid vertical metal. The outboard edge needs to rest on a small shelf that is attached to the inside surface of the rocker. For that piece, I cut out a roughly two foot long section from the center crease of the scrap LM hood. That gave me a nice start for the right angle bend I next put into the picece. After drilling a few holes for the plug welds, I made more molten metal and the piece was in place. At that point, it was time for dinner and the end of my garage time.

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