Thursday, February 21, 2013

Third Float's a Charm

Clarks’ came through, and UPS delivered the new Bendix drive yesterday. With all three garage heaters on high, I removed Ringo’s starter, rebuilt it with the new part, and bolted it back to the bellhousing. While I didn’t try it out, and I’m sure that’ll come back to bite me, I’m confident it’ll be fine. With a few minutes of garage-time left, I pulled the sender from the gas tank and discovered the “new” float had gas in it. Fortunately, I’d bought an extra to replace the one I’d installed in Ringo’s tank, so, once I check the resistance range of the sender (needs to be zero to 30 ohms), I’ll have that buttoned up next time I’m out there. I also plan on swapping pulley wheels in that car’s engine to see if I can get it to stop eating fanbelts. Then it’ll be ready for the road AGAIN. Ariel is soooo patient.

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