Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No Odd Spots

Yesterday evening, under the guise of changing the oil and filter in the lovely Loriann’s daily-driver, I donned grungies and headed out to the garage. After completing the simple task as promised, I did my prep work for the last application of POR-15. I went to each rust hole left in Lucy’s floor and cut out pieces of fiberglass cloth just large enough to span each opening. Before I removed the lid from the eternally (seemingly) staining liquid, I did something I’d seen smarter painters do. I pulled the wrist openings of the neoprene gloves over the cuffs of my sweatshirt and secured the junctions with bands of masking tape. The inevitable drips and dribbles of POR-15 would not find their way onto my skin. Then, finally, I was able to empty my last jar of POR-15 getting most of the contents on Lucy’s rusted externals and the aforementioned patches, while only a small percentage ended up on the cardboard I generously spread out to protect my new garage floor tiles. Once the coating hardens, I will go back with the Rustoleum primer and paint and add a few coats onto the porous patches hopefully making them impervious to water. I’ll also fully coat the outside surfaces of the metal patches with the same primer and paint to ward off any attacking tin worms.

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