Friday, May 24, 2013

Into Four Figures

With today’s order from Clark’s Corvair Parts, Glinda’s expenses have finally exceeded $1000. I bought the materials to reinstall the backlight (rear windshield). The other day I removed the chrome trim around the backlight because it wasn’t secured properly. Now, the plan is to remove the glass, thoroughly clean and coat the opening before reinstalling the glass with new adhesive. This should ensure there’s no leaking and that the trim should properly snap into place. So, currently Glinda is parked in the garage awaiting my wrenching.

The other night, Ariel complained that Ringo’s heat wouldn’t go all the way off. After jacking his right rear off the ground and securing him atop a sturdy jackstand, I slid under and attempted to fully close the damper door that leads into his heater box. Sadly, it appeared to already be completely closed, so my solution was to remove the lower shrouds (which I was going to do anyway). Now the air blowing through the hot engine will take the new path of least resistance – out the rear of the engine. Ariel hasn’t said anything, so I guess this fix was successful.

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