Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So Close….

You know the rest. The prospective buyer for Lucy was all set to come down to Baltimore this Saturday, but then Monday I got an e-mail from him telling me was going to pass on her. Then, the prospective buyer for Heidi was all set to come up to Baltimore at lunch today, but then I got an e-mail form him telling me he’d just bought another ’64 that was for sale nearer to his home and was a color scheme his wife really loved. So, there you go. Still so very far from selling the two Corvairs I’ve currently got on the market.

With the rejections fresh in my mind, I pulled Glinda up onto the front lawn yesterday evening and shot a series of photos that I’ll use in the ads I’ll put up to try and sell her.

I really don’t want to lower the price for Heidi. I feel I’ve got her priced fairly (with a little negotiating room), and I know Brianna could really use as much money from her sale as possible. As a fellow Corvair hoarder answered, when I asked him how much for his rusted ’64 coupe, “Make me an offer, but I’m not giving it away.”

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