Friday, July 12, 2013

Looks Like I’ll Be Ready

Last night was another thrash past midnight. I was able to get quite a few little jobs done, but it seemed like as soon as I thought I was done, I’d remember another task. I got the harness assembly squared away, the oil pressure and voltage gauges installed and hooked up, the oil and filter changed, the lower engine shrouds removed, the bolts replaced on the tie-rod sleeves, and the backlight inside trim reinstalled.

The most time-consuming job was finishing the gauges. I was amazed that Chevy had place two threaded holes in just the right spots to attach the mounting plate. I then had to wire up power to the lights in addition to the voltmeter and oil-filled tubing. Before hooking the latter, I ran the engine for a while to bleed all the air out of the tube. The engine, once warmed up, shows around 30 psi of oil pressure, while the voltmeter indicates I’ve got over 15 volts during off-idle running.

A really neat thing happened as I was moving around Glinda’s front seat (it’s been out of the car for a while so I could install the racing seat). I discovered the illusive build sheet tucked into the springs of the front seat bottom. Here’s a scan. I’ll get it decoded once I’m back from the convention. Too bad some of it is missing, but this is first time I’ve ever discovered one in one of the fleet. Very cool.

So, other than this morning’s alignment (more on that later), and swapping wheels with Luna, she’s ready to go. Now it’s my turn to pack.

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