Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Whittling Down the List

Before I got home from work yesterday I stopped by Carquest and bought a fuel filter and ordered a set of points and a distributor cap. While prepping Lucy for last summer’s convention, I completely forgot to do a tune-up and it was apparent when her engine wouldn’t pull beyond 5000 rpm during the autocross. With Glinda’s more limiting automatic transmission, getting good performance over a wider rpm range is important – especially in the autocross where it’s feasible I’ll never move her shifter from Low.

Last evening was fairly productive. I installed the aforementioned fuel filter, primed the seat brackets, tightened up the suspension bolts, poked new cotter pins through the right front balljoint bolts, mounted the stabilizing rods with new bushings in the rear, and routed about eighty percent of the two new wires and one new tiny tube for the as-yet-to-arrive gauge set. The latter task included adding flexible sheathing around the bundle in the span that’s exposed (between the tunnel and the engine compartment.

I’m still waiting impatiently for the arrival of the special washer. This maddening piece of metal better not be the cause of an all-nighter this Friday. I’m praying the package containing the precious piece is sitting on the floor beneath our mail slot right now. If so, the suspension can be completely installed by tonight’s end. Getting that milestone crossed off the list will be monumentous.

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