Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More Photos of Scarlett

Since Mikhaila has moved on, TwoTone will be forever TwoTone to us. I’m now pushing her to give our newest addition a name, but I’m sure she’ll take her sweet time (which is fine). So, for now, I’ll be real imaginative and call her RedVert (update: we've settled on Scarlett).

Last night I went out to the garage and took a few more photos, a couple of which are shown here. Click on this link to view the updated Flickr album.

“What colors do you want the interior?” I asked Mikhaila Sunday.
“I don’t care,” was her immediate reply.
“What about the new top?”
“Don’t care.”

Ok then. We won’t be changing anything that looks presentable. With that in mind, I did a little sleuthing to find out how Chevy originally outfitted this car. Scarlett’s body tag revealed the following information.

Data: 09C (Third week of September 1963)
Style: 64-0967 (1964-Monza Convertible)
Body: WR1647 (Willow Run - 1,647th Monza convertible built there)
Trim: 758-1 (Fawn vinyl seats, white convertible top)
Paint: 922-F (Ember Red, Fawn interior paint)
Acc: W2M5V (Tinted windshield, Powerglide transmission, custom deluxe seatbelts without retractors {RPO A37})

Since I really like the red with the fawn, I’m hoping the seats clean up to reveal the hue of beige and not the glare of white.

We may diverge from original by replacing the old, failing, non-original, black top with a beige one from Clark’s Corvair Parts. I couldn’t find a suitable photo on the web of a red Corvair with a beige top, so this Mercedes will have to do.

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