Friday, May 29, 2015

What A Ride

It was just a few days ago I was on a high since I’d just learned about the Power Enrichment Needle and was convinced the lack thereof in Glinda’s carburetors was causing the super-rich running of the engine. Yesterday the mailman delivered an envelope from the Corvair Ranch containing two needles. As soon as I was home from work, I excitedly donned some grungies and raced out to the driveway. A few minutes later I was utterly deflated.

I’d removed the two screws and pulled off the venture cluster from the right carb only to discover the hole where I was to place an all-important needle was filled with JB Weld (see image above). A subsequent e-mail to carburetor guru informed me that: 1) filling that port is necessary to allow moving the jet, and 2) the needle only makes a difference at wide-open-throttle.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

In digging around my stash of carb parts last weekend, I found a small envelope containing five carb jets. All are stamped with 51, so I’ll be swapping the 53s that are currently in Glinda for these smaller ones. I’ll also make sure the floats are set at the highest settings resulting in the lowest level of fuel in the bowls. A quick test drive and a subsequent inspection of a spark plug will tell me if I’m still running rich. If that doesn’t make any difference, the modified carbs will come off and Ringo’s pair will be installed, but I hope it doesn’t come to that.

I ended the evening by pulling out Glinda’s front bench seat and stock seatbelts and bolting in the racing seat and harness. Other than the carb issue, she’s ready to hit the track.

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