Friday, May 13, 2011

Cars We’ve Owned

This chart has most of the vehicles the lovely Loriann and I have possessed since I graduated college. The key below will help decipher the vehicle names.

GLC(1)19792-dr Hatchback
626(1)19844-dr Sedan
Skylark19652-dr Sedan
Corvair(1)19622-dr Coupe
GLC(2)19792-door Hatchback
Grand Prix19772-door Coupe
626(2)19832-door Sedan
Celebrity1986Station Wagon
Catalina (1)1966Convertible
Catalina (2)19664-dr Hardtop
Corvair (2)19634-dr Sedan
Corvair (3)1964Convertible
MX-619962-dr Coupe
Corvair (4)19622-dr Coupe
Corvair (5)19612-dr Coupe
Corvair (6)19632-dr Coupe
PT Cruiser20024-dr Hatchback
Corvair (7)19662-dr Hardtop
Corvair (8)19682-dr Hardtop
Corvair (9)19652-dr Hardtop

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