Friday, August 26, 2011

Almost Everything Went Perfectly

I spent another evening in the garage last night, and for the most part I’m happy about my accomplishments. In preparation for returning his freshened drivetrain to Ringo’s engine bay, I cleared and swept the floor, rolled Ringo away from the back wall, and placed his rear end on jackstands. I moved the drivetrain into position and jacked it up to engage the front engine mount bolts. It took a little finagling to get the transmission dipstick tube to go through the hole in the firewall, but in less time than I’d expected, the nuts and bolts were snugged down and the jacks were put away. There was a hiccup, however. The small rectangular plate that fits in the engine mount has gone missing. I need to find it or a replacement before I let Ringo ride off into the sunset.

Next, I installed the axle assemblies using ample anti-sieze on the spline teeth and fastener threads. Finally, I fitted the rear brake hubs over the rebuilt brake assemblies. Again, another small hiccup when I found the right side drags even though the adjust screw was all the way in. There were quite a few batches of brake shoes that were made with liners too think, so this side must have a pair from that batch. I’ll find a different pair and all will be well.

With the Irene looking to run near us, I’ll be spending this evening preparing for the high winds and torrential rain predicted to start tomorrow afternoon. I’m afraid much of the free space in the garage is going to be filled with deck furniture, garbage cans, and gardening carts.

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