Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Engine Electricals

Yesterday evening I thought I’d start the Bondo work on Ringo’s right side. Waaaaay back, I dented the body under the right rear seat window backing him out of the garage. With the interior removed I had access to the backside of the dent. I’d already pounded out most of it, but it still needed some body filler. I opened my can of Bondo and found there was only enough left for one golfball size batch. That didn’t go very far, area-wise or time-wise. With a couple hours left before quittin’ time, I moved on to work on finishing hooking up the engine. I first found and installed both battery cables, and then went hunting for the LM wire harness donated by Old Betty. As I’d posted before, Ringo is being converted from generator electricity to alternator electricity. The voltage regulator is different for this setup as are some of the wire connections. I finally found the LM harness, but only after locating a spare EM engine mount with its rectangular plate still intact. Yes! Now I don’t need to hunt down a replacement for the one I’d lost.

Back to the harness. I stripped the sheathing off to the point I could separate what I needed from the mass of wires, connectors, and bulb sockets that this engine compartment harness contains. I then set about marking the wires that go to Ringo’s current regulator. The trick will be to properly mesh the two sets of wires so everything works including the GEN/FAN idiot light. With EM and LM manuals opened to the pertinent wiring diagrams I think I’ve got a solution. I also want to make sure I can go back to a generator if none of the alternators I have function properly, so I won’t be cutting any of the current wires just yet, but will splice into them. I’ll replace the unreliable splices once everything checks out.

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