Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Rest of the Fleet Gets Some Press

Since Ringo’s been sucking up most of the fleet time, he’s also been the subject of most of the blog posts. I’ll use today’s missive to catch up on the rest of the fleet.
Lucy has been behaving quite nicely for the past few months returning 20+ mpg and demanding only a tiny bit of my precious time since I had my “Most Frustrating Evening.” The incident was a failure of the turn signal switch. The problem was the sliding contact assembly wouldn’t slide. After making sure both brake lights worked, I drove around with the inability to let drivers around me know of my turning and lane changing intentions. Last Sunday, I spent an hour or so removing, diagnosing, and subsequently swapping the broken assembly for a GUP off the shelf. During the diagnosis phase, I discovered that one of the contacts was loose and was poking into the cavity where the slider was to slide. Into the trash the nearly 50-year-old went. Ariel now has Lucy up in Millersville leaving me with the Surburban as my daily-driver.

Glinda has also been behaving giving Victoria nearly 18 miles per gallon of expensive 93 octane gasoline. I do, however, need to reward her by scheduling some time to tighten the fasteners retaining her driver’s door handle. I also promised Victoria we’d try out my new buffer on scuffs that adorn a few places of Glinda’s Artesian Turquoise.

Finally there’s Heidi. I had a nice conversation with Brianna yesterday covering a number of topics. The one pertinent to this blog is that, even though she hasn’t driven Heidi, she’s not ready to part with her. Heidi has been sitting for most of the last year after a couple incidents of stranding Brianna foremost of which was detailed by my post, of August 16. She’s unwilling to risk another stranding until I’ve given the car a thorough shakedown. The lovely Loriann and I will be visiting Brianna and Nich next month, so we’ll be taking the Suburban and the tow bar and Heidi will come and live with us in Baltimore until next Spring.

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