Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Inspiration Can Appear in the Most Unlikely Locations

Yesterday, my generous employer provided me with Chinese food for a working lunch. The fortune cookie I selected contained the above saying. How appropriate given the horrid events of the weekend. Last night, duly inspired, I spent a productive handful of hours in the garage installing some GNPs and working to make Ringo’s right side actually appear finished. A small package from the Corvair Ranch showed up during the day with taillight lens gaskets, front blinker lens gasket, and the $%@&* tiny c-clip that retains the Powerglide cable to the dash shifter. After only dropping the clip once and only spending five, freakin’ minutes finding it again, I had the cable secured. The installation of the gaskets went off much better, and then I moved on to putting the guts into the passenger door. After discovering the lock cylinder, like the latch handle, is unique one side to the other, I installed the correct cylinder with its new gasket. A few minutes later, the latch handle was secured with two screws and new gaskets. I then adjusted the latch portion on the body jamb until the door shut nicely. Since I next needed to hunt down the vent window assembly and it was quite dark at 10 PM, I decided to bring the successful evening to an end with a little mental dance of celebration.

Oh yeah, an update on the missing box of bolts. I found it in the back garage stall with Ringo's pieces of trim. Good thing since there was more than just missing screws - there were door bits and pieces to fill the aforementioned passenger door.

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