Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Passenger Door Nears Completeness

Fired up the kerosene heaters another time last night as I strove to finish the assembly of the new (to Ringo) passenger door. Digging through piles of leaves, I was able to locate the main window and vent window assemblies in the trailer where I’d placed them months ago for safekeeping. Since the latch release/handle and the lock cylinder had been installed the previous night, the next part to go in was the bottom track for the window regulator followed by the regulator itself. Getting the latter in through the hole in the door is a bit of a maneuver, but I was successful without putting any scratches in the new paint. Same was true for the main window going in. Next, however, was the vent window and it put up a fight in which some paint was sacrificed before it was properly placed. I’ll touch it up the damage before turning the keys over to Ariel. With the door guts all functioning properly, I covered up the internal openings with a sheet of plastic to keep any errant rainwater from dampening the inside surface of the cardboard-backed vinyl door panel. Needing to let the adhesive dry, I shut off the heaters and lights and called it a day.

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