Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An Uneventful Exchange

After leaving work around 2 yesterday, running home, hooking up the tow bar, chain, and lights, and picking up the lovely Loriann on the way, we met up with Ariel around 5:30. I checked out Heidi, having Ariel turn the key while I listened at the engine. It was immediately apparent the solenoid had died as the engine would just start to turn and then it was just the sound of the starter motor spinning. So we’re now at the point where all three of the fleet’s running members have had or are having starter issues.

We quickly exchanged Heidi for Lucy on the end of the towbar and headed off for dinner. After a fun time together, we parted ways and the lovely Loriann and I were home by 9.

Heidi now sits at the curb waiting for the weather to dry out so I can do a starter/solenoid swap and make her drivable again.

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