Thursday, December 8, 2011

Where Did I Put that Box of Bolts?

I really tried to religiously bag and tag all the fasteners as they were removed from Ringo during his disassembly. Many of the bolt-on parts currently have baggies with screws zip-tied to them. There were, however, some trim I had Ariel and her boyfriend-at-the-time, Matt, remove and now I can’t seem to find the container they put the fasteners in. I spent most of my garage time last night putting away stuff and staging the rest of Ringo’s bits that have yet to be reinstalled. The only pieces I’ve yet to locate are the wheel opening trim, but I’m confident they’re hiding near where I found the rest of the stainless piled on the LeMans. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a bag of bolts when I find the trim.

On the productive side, I did finish attaching the headlight assemblies and they all tested out fine. I got to do little metal mending by tapping out some dents in one of the bezels.

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