Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lucy’s Back on the Road

Yesterday evening, I took Ariel back up to school and included with her baskets of now-clean laundry were a ½ inch wrench, latex gloves, a rag, a couple plastic shopping bags, a container filled with speedy dry, a Clark’s filter, and a jug of 30 weight Rotella motor oil. Upon arriving at her complex’s parking lot, I spread most of the speedy dry over the oily mess Lucy’s engine had made. I wrapped the bag around the offending filter, and after removing the oil filter bolt and carefully maneuvering the filter out of the engine compartment, I found the seal ring stuck to the filter adapter not to the filter where it belonged. I bolted on the replacement, topped off the crankcase, and had Ariel start the engine. The GEN/PRES light went off and stayed off, and the ground beneath Lucy’s engine didn’t get any oilier. Job accomplished, I packed up my stuff, hit the road and was back home by 9:30. Sadly, it was too late to deal with Ringo, so the next installment of Ringo’s Powerglide saga will have to wait.

On the car acquisition front, there are two bits of news for you, my loyal blog reader. First, Mikhaila, my youngest, and I have an appointment to go look at a ’64 Monza 4-door Monday evening. A friend of mine at work has one that’s been sitting in his father’s garage for many, many years. It’s got front end damage from a collision hence the reason it was parked. Since I’m not afraid of bodywork anymore and the price is right, we’re going to go check it out. If the rest of the car is as good as he described, and the body’s not tweaked (I’ll be bringing a tape measure), we’ll commit to the purchase.

Second, the guy that gave me the Cut-up 4-door succumbed to cancer about three months ago. Sadly, he passed WAY too early and left behind a VERY sad family. He also left behind a collection of cars, parts, and tools that his brother will be finding new homes for. While Phil was alive and battling, I told him I would help in any way possible with the liquidation of his Corvair stuff. The stuff includes a Lakewood wagon, a ’64 coupe, and two LM convertibles, and a lot of parts. Since the cancer took him so quickly I was never able to help him, but I’ve contacted his brother and we’re meeting later this month to review and discuss what to do with Phil’s Corvair stuff. Since Victoria has some money now that she’s joined the working world, there may be an opportunity for her to get the LM convertible she’s wanted.

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