Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ringo’s Drivetrain is Ready to Drop

In anticipation of having the replacement Powerglide rebuilt within the next week, I put Ringo’s rear up on jackstands last night and disconnected everything necessary to remove a Corvair drivetrain (wires, heater hoses, linkages, perimeter seal retainers, vacuum line, e-brake spring, and axles). I found a large puddle under his rear which I attribute to leaks in the current blankety-blank transmission.

Prior to starting the evening’s work on Ringo, I dealt with some air compressor connection issues. The previous owner of the compressor had refitted the outlet with a 3/8ths T coupler, but he threw-in the nice, long hose that mated with it. My problem was I wanted to fit my automatic oil in between the compressors fitting and the inlet to the hose. In the box of tools and fittings the PO had included with the deal, I found some fittings, but in trying them they all seemed to leak. I need to do more investigating on this, but in the meantime, I just manually oiled the tool I wanted to use and continued to implement the hose and coupler setup he’d provided.

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