Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On the Road Again

After another evening in the garage, Ringo was ready for commuting duty this morning. Last night I finished the starter replacement, installed the four pieces that close off the engine seals (including the rear grill), put the air cleaner assembly back on, and gave him a bath.

This morning I drove him on the highway for the first time. The upshift point does feels a little higher than I'm used to with my other PG cars, but shifting is smooth and it would downshift at 35 with the throttle floored. The only surprise (read: disappointment) was the TEMP/PRES light came on when I stopped in my parking spot. At this point, the engine was idling in Drive and it had been fifteen minutes driving at 55-65 mph. As soon as I shifted to Neutral and the rpms came up a couple hundred, the light went off. I'm thinking (read: hoping) that all I need to do is install a new sender or, at the worst, a thinner gasket under the oil pump cover. I will, however, hook up a pressure gauge and see what’s truly happening before doing anything more. I know, thanks to a post on the web that the light should not come on until the pressure is 7 psi or less. That’s what I’ll be looking for.

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