Monday, July 30, 2012

A Convention Vacation – Part 1

A week ago Saturday, we strapped the cargo carrier to the Suburban's roof and packed it with suitcases, then filled the back of the Suburban with camping gear, and finally hitched Lucy up to the loaded vehicle. By 11 AM we were on the road, and after 480 miles of driving and a couple meal stops, we arrived at Shawme-Crowell State Forest in Sandwich, MA. Setting up camp in the dark is never fun, but my four experienced Girl Scouts made short work of it, and we were in bed well before midnight.

The family got a real kick out of all the signs bearing the Sandwich town name. The best quip came after sighting a local cop car: "Who do you think you are, the Sandwich police?" Hmm, guess you had to have been there.

Sunday's two highlights were a trip to Plymouth's Super Wal-Mart to get everything we'd forgotten, and then spending the afternoon swimming in the cold water and lying on the warm sand of Scusset Beach.

Monday we played tourist visiting the Sandwich Glass Museum and the old part of Plymouth which included seeing Plymouth Rock, the oldest cemetery, and the replica of the Mayflower. After the lovely Loriann splurged on five soft-shelled, fresh-off-the-boat lobsters, we dined like royalty at our humble campsite.

Tuesday morning we struck camp and headed west for Southwick Zoo. In the middle of nowhere, this modest-sized zoo met the hype of its fine website. We had to dodge a few thunderstorms, but thoroughly enjoyed our two hours seeing a lot of very active and entertaining animals. To continue on to our next campsite, Google Maps had us navigate some wonderful (at least to me because I wasn't driving) country roads. We checked in at Wells State Park early enough to set up camp before eating another delicious meal.

Wednesday the convention started for me, so this is a good spot to end Part 1.

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