Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back From Vacation

After a week in the mountains away from the fleet, it was time to return to reality; only the reality was that all the daily-driven Corvairs were running basically trouble-free. TYL!

Regardless, I was able to find some car stuff to do the last few days. Ringo required some transmission fluid since he’d sat the entire week we were gone and leaked a pint onto the driveway from his cracked shifter cable. Glinda needed some motor oil and the muffler strap bolt tightened again. Lucy finally got her blinker switch reconditioned so I now can let drivers behind know when I’m turning right. I also began the pre-convention work on her that will eventually include some rust repair (read “temporary hiding”), shorter quick-steer arms for the autocross, and the installation of the driver’s five-point harness (also for the autocross). The work I did accomplish was to Scotch-brite off the flaking paint from the front grill-bar and then attempt to put a shine on it with the polishing wheel on my grinder.

Last night I spent an hour or so in the garage working on Luna. I finished removing the rusted metal from the driver’s footwell with the cutoff wheel on my grinder. And then, with the wire wheel attached, I de-scaled the leftover metal before vacuuming out the rusty residue. Finally, I began formulating a plan to rivet in a temporary floor. I gathered the available sheetmetal pieces that included an odd-shaped piece of hood leftover from Ringo’s re-flooring and a couple pieces two thin to be permanent. Since this is a temporary fix to get Victoria through the rest of summer and early fall and now is not the time to drop a couple hundred dollars on a tank of CO2 and welding garb and accoutrements, I’m going to rivet the pieces into place. First, however, Victoria is going to lay down a coat or two of POR-15 tonight. Hopefully, we’ll get the car on the road by the end of Saturday.

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