Friday, July 13, 2012

An Evening of Dodging Drops of POR-15

And I was more successful than Victoria. After dinner I pulled Lucy into the driveway and attached the wire wheel to my grinder so I could pop a bunch of bubbles - paint bubbles that is. As seen in the accompanying photos, ignoring Lucy's body for many years of daily driving has resulted in rust; rust that's bubbled her shiny red finish. Ideally, I would take the take the time and spend the money and weld in new patch panels, but since I have neither the hours nor the funds, I’m taking the quick and easy and completely unacceptable rust repair route. I’m brushing off the paint, Bondo, and loose rust from the solid metal, coating as much as possible of the remaining, exposed sheetmetal with POR-15, filling the holes with Bondo, sanding, priming, and locally painting the areas affected. Yeah, yeah, I hear all of you yelling at me that this is NOT the way to do it. Suffice it to say, this is a temporary repair. It's just that I don't want to drive an obvious rust buck in convention events I've entered. With the brushing complete, I opened up the new quart can of POR-15 and divided it into smaller jam jars; each sealed and turned upside down to preserve as much as possible the quick-curing contents. The residue in the bottom of the can was used to begin coating Lucy's brushed off areas. Then Victoria joined me and we split up the smallest jar of the black liquid and I went back to Lucy and she proceeded to coat Luna's floor pieces in preparation for the floor patching that will occur Saturday.

At the end of the night, Victoria and I compared spots of POR-15 on our skin and she was in far worse shape than I. A few minutes with lacquer thinner and rags and we were clean - stinging, but clean.

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  1. really enjoying your posts! this one gave a laugh as once i knocked a full can off the lift arm on to the side of my face.... yup. a mess.