Friday, July 20, 2012

Stick a Fork In Her ... For Now

I had a busy evening in the garage yesterday. I was able to, by the time I turned the lights off, tell the lovely Loriann Lucy was ready to go. By 9:30 I'd finished the following tasks:

  • Pulled the second race carburetor and swapped it with the non-race one Lucy'd been sporting. Now she's got both racing carbs.
  • Balanced the carbs.
  • Checked tranny oil level and added about a ½ pint.
  • Removed the bottom shrouds.
  • Washed the engine, engine bay, and the underside of the engine lid.
  • Straightened out the lower corner of the car's right rear panel.
  • Cleaned and installed a LM air cleaner setup in place of the EM setup that was damaged when I ran over it a couple years ago
  • Waxed the hood (what an improvement; prompting me to make sure wax and rags are packed so I can finish the job while I'm in Massachusetts.

Swapping in the new air cleaner assembly was not without a few challenges. The scheme for routing the PCV hose is different, as is the size of the hose. I ended up clamping one end of a rubber hose to the metal outlet of the PCV plumbing and pushing the other end through the grommet in the bottom of the air cleaner. It was a snug fit, so I'm not concerned about it working itself loose. The other challenge (well maybe not a challenge as much as an annoyance) was the throttle spring. On EMs it attaches to the support for the left air cleaner canister. I initially removed both supports when removing the EM setup. Then I had to reinstall the left one so I had a place to properly secure the spring. Oh well, it kinda' looks like it belongs.

Throughout this thrashing, I was gathering tools and stuff and packing them in Lucy's trunk. Jack, jackstands, a bulging toolbag, and a few quarts of motor oil all contributed to make Lucy's front sit a couple inches lower.

This morning on my drive in to work, I wrung out her motor taking it up to five grand in the first three gears. No missing or hesitation. She's good-to-go.

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