Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dodged a Bullet?

Last evening I had an hour of fleet time open up for me, so I used it to install the recently received amplifier I’d bought on Amazon. I had high hopes it would be a nice replacement for Ringo’s radio ruined by some – and I need a new acronym here – SOTE (Scum Of The Earth) that thought he needed to steal a $40 radio, but only succeeded in ripping off the front panel. I got the amp wired up and plugged in my iPod and was instantly disappointed. With the volume only turned to halfway - barely loud enough to be heard over the sound of the engine - the distortion level was terrible. A shame, but you get what you pay for. I would’ve have thought, however, that $20 would buy a decent, simple amplifier.

While I was lying under Ringo’s dash, I got the dreaded phone call - this time from Victoria. “Daddy, I just pulled away from a stoplight and Glinda just isn’t running right. She doesn’t want to accelerate like she normally does.” Thinking one of the carburetors needs some clearing out, I instructed her to put the transmission in Low and floor it until she’s going about 40 and then quickly lift off the throttle. I cautioned her to only do this if it was safe. She did, and it didn’t fix the problem immediately. I didn’t hear from her again last night, so this morning I awoke, donned some grungies, and took Glinda for spin around the neighborhood expecting the worst. But, thankfully, the worst didn’t happen. Her powerplant is still the best in the fleet oomph- and idle-wise. When I got back inside, I told Victoria that I couldn’t find anything wrong with her car, and she responded, “Oh yeah, it was fine again after I got gas.” Excellent! Problem solved without my getting grease on my hands.

Continuing in my series of body tag decoding, I offer here the encrypted information from CorsaVert:
  • Data (04C): Third week of April 1966
  • Style (66-10767): 1966-Corsa Convertible
  • Body (WRN2304): Willow Run - 2,304th '66 Corvair built at that Willow Run
  • Trim (722-): Bright Blue All-Vinyl Interior
  • Paint (F-1): Marina Blue Exterior w/ White Top
  • Acc (W5Y): Windshield Tinted Glass, Custom Deluxe Front & Rear Seat Belts with Front Retractors

Sorry for the poor resolution.

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