Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Drivetrain Teardown on my Plate

Last Wednesday, after work, I towed Phil's trailer back to Waldorf and retrieved my trailer filled with a complete '62 wagon drivetrain, a '64 engine, a Powerglide, a half-dozen wheels with rotted tires, and an engine cart. Since Phil's daughter wanted the trailer parked where mine was currently sitting, the logistics were a bit time consuming. I had to unhitch the car trailer at the street, swap the ball on my hitch to the 1 7/8 inch, hitch my trailer to the Suburban and drop it on the street without damaging my back, swap the ball back to the 2 inch one, re-hitch the car trailer and back it down their driveway, unhitch that trailer and re-swap the ball back to the smaller one, before hooking up my trailer a final time and heading down the road. Thankfully, no spinal discs were harmed in the execution of this escapade.

The drive home was uneventful other than having to drive through what has become the requisite gulley-washer. Other than my first Phil-to-home trip, all the trips associated with his cars have included at least one cats-and-dogs downpour. As I pulled up in front of the house, the trip odometer on the Suburban, which had been set to zero right before the first trip down, read around 740 miles – all of which was put on moving cars and parts. Added to what my buddy, Jonathan, put on his Suburban, and this adventure took over a thousand miles to complete.

I needed to get the trailer into the garage for unloading, but there wasn’t enough room to maneuver it while hitched to the Suburban, so I gave up, dropped the tongue on one of my wheel dollies, and pushed it the last couple dozen feet into the garage.

The next project is separating the drivetrains (the wagon one and the 140 I’d removed from CorsaVert) and storing the engines, trannies, and differentials for later teardown or utilization. Times like this I really wish I owned an engine hoist.

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