Thursday, January 10, 2013

So Far A Start Every Time

Last night I had Ariel steer Ringo as the Suburban pulled him. My intent was to position him on the “wrong” side of the street with his driver’s side wheels up on the curb. That would provide enough clearance for me to slide under his engine and remove the offending starter. All worked out as planned, and less than thirty minutes later, I had the starter out and was heading to the garage to swap solenoids. With an assumed GUP solenoid in place, the re-rebuilt starter was bolted in place and the wires connected. The first turn of the key resulted in a cranking engine - yay! The second test elicited only a spinning starter and nothing more - crap! I repeated the pulling-swapping-reinstalling, but that time I used a different set of matched guts (rotating assembly and stator in housing). This time everything worked - hallelujah! It looks like the broken part is the bendix drive (shown above). Specifically, it appears the one-way clutch is now a both-way slip. I'll have to check it out this evening - or not.

I've driven the car today and each time the starter’s been called upon to do it's simple operation, it's performed flawlessly.

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