Monday, January 21, 2013

The Garage Transformation Continues

Saturday the lovely Loriann drove me to a small warehouse on the outskirts of Richmond, VA where she bought me 125 PVC tiles to install over the concrete floor of the garage. Once I saw the orange tiles, I knew I needed to change my plans from boring gray and green to orange and yellow with light gray highlights.

Last night, after we got home from our weekend away, I cleared out half the garage, swept and thoroughly vacuumed, and then laid out and snapped together a little less than half the tiles. The results are shown above.

On the tow vehicle front, my buddy, Bill, who happens to live only a few miles from the dealership with the ’07 Silverado, went and checked it out. He called me and shared the good news and the bad news. Starting with the good, the truck is really nice. He couldn't find any exterior blemishes, the tires have a lot of life left, the engine is plenty powerful, and the truck goes down the road straight and smooth. The worst of the bad news is the vehicles previous owner was a smoker and the smell is, while not in your face, noticeable. Additionally, there are couple other issues (all smaller) that need to be considered. The dealer contacted me today and offered to have the interior cleaned out by someone that guarantees they will completely remove the smell. We will be down in that area in a couple weeks, so if the truck’s still available, I’ll probably buy it.

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